An innovative project, the first of its kind in the historical center in Venice, which combines the conservation of types of structures using the latest technologies and materials for energy savings and user comfort.

energy efficiency
under-floor heating and forced-air systems
guarantees for the home-buyer

technical specifications


This is the first development in the historic centre of Venice, to put itself forward for the Municipality of Venice’s ‘Eco-Friendly Building Award’.
The initiative’s objective is to encourage development which respects the environment and creates healthy buildings ”.
Over 50% of the materials used are from certified renewable resources: wood, hemp fibre, non-toxic paints, flooring from sustainable forests.

We are offering a quality product which respects the environment and is energy-smart. We have paid particular attention to the design of thermal and acoustic insulation in the living spaces. We have chosen eco-efficient, natural materials wherever possible. We have sought to minimise heat-loss and maximise energy efficiency, to make the living space and its surroundings into a place of well-being. Our aim has been to reduce energy requirements while ensuring an optimal level of comfortable living.

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