An innovative project, the first of its kind in the historical center in Venice, which combines the conservation of types of structures using the latest technologies and materials for energy savings and user comfort.

energy efficiency
under-floor heating and forced-air systems
guarantees for the home-buyer

technical specifications


The apartments have been designed to reduce energy consumption to less than 50%, of the mandatory standard laid down by FAEP. At our request, the project’s energy-efficiency has been assessed for certification by CasaClima, the leading agency of the Department of Urban Planning, Environment and Energy in the Province of Bolzano.
This development has been awarded a ‘Class B’ energy efficiency rating, giving an energy performance less than or equal to 50 kWh/m2/year, (the equivalent of 5 litres of domestic heating fuel a year to heat a surface area of 1 m2).

Currently most houses in Venice fall into "Class E" or "Class F". Venetian buildings consume on average the equivalent of more than 12 litres of heating fuel per year to heat a surface area of 1 m2, more than twice as much as our apartments. This reduced energy consumption will be reflected in significant savings in heating costs.

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