An innovative project, the first of its kind in the historical center in Venice, which combines the conservation of types of structures using the latest technologies and materials for energy savings and user comfort.

energy efficiency
under-floor heating and forced-air systems
guarantees for the home-buyer

technical specifications


The under-floor heating system is complemented by a forced-air system which can be switched to cool in the summer.
Under-floor heating is powered centrally by a heat pump and domestic hot water is provided by three condensing boilers. The distribution of hot water is boosted by a re-circulating loop to give rapid delivery.

These systems are designed to achieve:
- reduced energy consumption; low energy costs
- simple operation with separate controls for each apartment
- management of facilities for each apartment
- low maintenance costs
- reduced carbon emissions

The centralised heating system is designed to reduce energy consumption, keeping running costs to a minimum and providing individual smart-metering systems and heat and temperature controls in each apartment.

This ideal solution combines the benefits of a centralized system with the advantages of total flexibility and control for each apartment.

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